Friday, August 13, 2021

Welcome to our class blog {TERM 3}

Welcome to our class blog 2021,

we know it's term 3 but we're starting to post on our blog this term, because we forgot about the fact that we had a class blog.

Today was a regular day in a regular week in a regular month in a regular year in a regular life.

In our class we have 6 roles:

  • Whakahere Tīma
The Whakahere Tīma members are the assistants of Ashton { the ceo of the class who's close to being fired } who also do the morning roll.

  • Pāpāho Tīma
          The Pāpāho Tīma is in-charge of the class blog, and making sure that the chromebooks are charged in the end of the day.

  • Toi Tīma

The Toi Tīma in in-charge of the mindful music that we listen to in the afternoons to calm us down. They're also in-charge of stationary, making sure our classroom is tidy, & making sure the books are  put
away properly.

  • Haoura Tīma
The Haoura Tīma is in-charge of the fitness activities that we do and the morning mindfulness video.

  • Manāakitanga Tīma
The Manāakitanga Tīma are in-charge of handing out the lunches, reminding Mr Huggins to lock the door at the end of the day, & making sure the shoes are where their supposed to be.

  • The teacher who's just there
They teacher who's just there is the teacher who's just there.

This is a photo of our class: